None like I have ever seen.

Not defined by the modality of my living condition nor what I am told and what I hear, but what I feel, a mirror-less reflection.

So I escape, vicariously living through the reflection of images suppressed in my subconscious, to preserve my innocence -A portrait of self-love – A Reflection of Me by Isaie “Zeek” Mathias

I think one of the most beautiful things we can offer another human being, is the gift of being seen. When one is seen and not merely looked upon, emitted through this process is the recognition that one is important, valued and valuable. This is the gift that Zeek Mathias seeks to give the participants of his project, A Reflection of Me. In his solo exhibition Zeek strives “to change the narrative of exploitation of the Haitian People through photography.” He allows them to be seen. The participants are from the most remote, rural communities in Haiti, many of whom have never taken a still photo or have images of their family members. In addition to receiving a printed copy of the image the participants will receive disposable cameras so that they can continue the art of photography.

A Reflection of Me Exhibit

Who is Zeek?

Isaie “Zeek” Mathias is a contemporary multimedia artist who has mastered the use of digital photography to expose injustice, exclusion, marginalization, and dehumanization of indigenous peoples of the world. Zeek Mathias made his debut with MUCE and is flourishing as he presents his solo exhibit – a fundraiser to “remedy the problem of families not having access to photographs.”

A Reflection of Me Exhibit

We live in a social media centric world where the popular saying has gained credence, “if it’s not on social media it didn’t happen.” Think about how privileged we are to whip out phones and capture the most precious moments of our lives. We have records of our parents and grandparents that we can show to our children. These moments are a portal to our lives, a portal to our history. As we think upon this privilege and juxtapose it with the experience of the participant’s reality, we are confronted with their need to be seen. With their need to leave a legacy for future generations to smile upon.

A Reflection of Me Exhibit

You can support Zeek Mathias effort and preview the project at his solo-exhibition: 7,500 square feet, happening November 5th at 4pm. The event will be hosted by Local 10 News Anchor, Eric Yutzy and will feature Commissioner Jean Monestime as a guest speaker. Exhibition fundraiser is one night only at Mindwarehouse 111 NE 1st Street, Miami, FL. Get tickets here. Mathias will also be on exhibit with MUCE during Art Basel Weekend at the 3rd annual Now or Neverland art Fair: Ode to Hip hop. Learn more here


Written by: Natasha Wright – lover of all things art, fashion and empowerment.