Sharing in a meal is such a connective force. It’s a great way to get together, engage in good conversation and salivate over a scrumptious meal. As we approach Art Basel weekend and revel in the amazing opportunities to stimulate our visual senses, please do not neglect to excite your palate as well.

Miami’s food ecosystem is as multicultural and diverse as its population. The culinary offering of Miami, acutely reflects it’s majority foreign-born population in such a tantalizing way. As a result, I created a list of hidden gems in Miami that will give you an opportunity to bond over food and art during Art Basel Miami.

Chef Creole serving Haitian and Caribbean Cuisine, this is one of the hot spots in Little Haiti; you can walk in at any given time and see Floyd Mayweather or Kevin Hart enjoying a meal. Be sure to check out the performance lot directly behind the tiki hut for special celebratory performances in honor of Chef Creoles 25th Anniversary. It’s a busy season and ALL of the food is cooked fresh, you’ll have to wait a bit (20-25 mins) but it will be so worth it when you taste the rice & peas and whatever other deliciousness you order. Visit them at 200 NW 54th St, Miami, FL.

 Jackson’s Soul Food in Overtown just a 10 mins drive south from the MUCE’s Now or Neverland Art fair in the heart of Historic Overtown. The location is directly across from Zion Church where Muhammad Ali trained. The neighborhood treasure opened 1946, and although they are famously known for their deliciously seasoned catfish, the salmon croquettes, fried chicken and mac & cheese are also really good. Everything is made from scratch with a secret family recipe that is so rich with southern flavor it will make you wanna to sing. The ambience filled with soulful music and the authentic Soul Food makes this eatery a must visit at 950 NW 3rd Ave, Miami, FL.  Be sure to stop by the Lyric Theater and check out Art Africa Miami while dining out. 

Clives Cafe is Jamaican cuisine that is finger licking good in the heart of Little Haiti, located at 5890 NW 2nd Ave, Miami, FL. You can delight in the taste of authentic jerk chicken, oxtail, fish and ackee. Trust me, your taste buds will thank you. Be sure to let Norman know that MUCE sent you! There’s also a nice bar with Jamaican beer and wine and a friendly wait staff. This restaurant is a local favorite. 

MLK Restaurant If you want a down home Black American breakfast in Liberty City, this is the place to get it. Located at 2469 NW 62nd St, Miami, FL, the restaurant is only open in the mornings and serves American Soul Food Cuisine. A truly local spot, you will gather with the REAL Miami. My favorite on the menu is the grits and smothered chicken. We love this place because it transports you back to a Miami when southern folk from Georgia began to migrate to South Florida. This is just a down home country diner. Even more spectacular, the owner is a huge philanthropist and supporter of the arts – when you dine at MLK, you’re supporting arts education. 

Go out and enjoy your culinary journey as you explore the richness and multiculturalism of Miami through food. Check out MUCE’s Art Fair Now or Neverland to supplement your cultural experience during Art Basel where the theme is Ode to Hip Hop. Click the link for registration details.