It’s that time of the year again! School is soon to be back in session and students will soon be flooding the hallways with excitement and anticipation for the school year. I remember being eager for the first day of school. My mom and I would rush to the store to get the best deals on school supplies and, of course, I would look for a Hello Kitty pencil case (All the cool girls had one)! Being prepared for school automatically builds confidence in a student, so it is important that our kids are equipped with all they need for the transition. Also, another important aspect to the upcoming school year is our pockets. We need to be prepared for the expenses that will incur throughout the year.  There is no need to panic. Captain Save-A-Lot is here to rescue!

Here are 4 tips to help you save on your Back-to-School shopping:


  1. Have a Plan

Before you grab that shopping cart and sprint towards Walmart, sit tight and make a plan. Look over the school supply list and create a budget tailored to each child. Take into consideration what is needed for extracurricular activities, science projects, and etc. You do not want to have too many surprise expenses in the middle of the year. If there are any additional requested items like a new hoodie or running shoes, look at last year’s items and decide if it is necessary. Write them all down and then you will be prepared to write out your budget. Also, search your house, your family, and your friends. It is quite possible that you may find some hand-me-down items in good condition by simply asking around first!


I have always had left over crayons, markers, and pencils from the school year before. I’m talking about 15-20 pencils here. I don’t even know how I got all those surplus pencils, pens, and other supplies. By the end of the year, however, I was stacked! You can save a lot of money just by re-using items that are still in good condition. You can easily scratch off $20 dollars’ worth of school items you already have! Maybe more.

ReUseLook for Back to School Deals

Back-to-School deals are everywhere. Shop smart! There are coupons in the newspaper and magazines that can save you more than 20% off school items. You should also look online at consumer’s websites.  Do not forget to put your smartphone to use. There are also store apps that are designed to help you save money! For example, the Target Cartwheel app has coupons and deals that you won’t see advertised in the store. Do your research. Shop around to places with the best deals!

Tip: Wait! You should wait until after your child starts school to shop for most of your items. Back-to-School items are usually marked down after the first week of school!

Attend a Back to School Drive

Back-to-School drives are always amazing! There are organizations geared towards ensuring that every child gets much needed supplies and backpacks for the school year! Michael Stephens, CEO of Topp Cuttaz Barber Salon and Spa, is hosting a back-to school drive. The event, Unity in the Community Back to School Extravaganza, will be held at Betty T. Ferguson Center in Miami Gardens. This extravaganza will take place THIS Sunday, August 14th, at 12:00pm! Backpacks will be filled with school supplies and be given out to students! There will also be free haircuts to have your kids looking dapper on the first day of school. Also, to ensure everyone is enjoying themselves, there will be live performances for the whole family. Miami Urban Contemporary Experience (MUCE) will be bringing the art component to the extravaganza. MUCE will be hosting an interactive art space for the students to put their creative minds to work! MUCE305 will so have art supply giveaways! Take advantage and enjoy your local back-to-school drives!


Back-to-School savings are always a hit! These tips are a sure way to save money and let your mind be at ease for the beginning of the school year!

Written By Rocheline Deronville, Project Coordinator