An ode the black women who view black women as art.  

You willingly bare the responsibility for shifting  perceptions of beauty. By projecting the dark skinned, chocolate sistahs  on your canvas as sensual; validated her as art. She was your muse. Oftentimes when we hear the word “muse” it conjures up images of lily white women such as  Olympia or Mona Lisa.  But you chose to see her black femininity as iconic!

Fine Art has been devoid of  her enraptured magic for too long. Her curves, lips and nose are now exalted to their proper glory. You validated her existence as beautiful to the art world. Reminding us that her beauty should not be shrouded, but exhibited so that eyes can lovingly gaze upon her with hopes of wrenching the secrets of her coy smile.

With the stroke of a brush you remind her that she belongs and that her beauty should take up space in this world. We salute you!

During Women’s history month, let us celebrate 5 black female artist who not only represent #blackgirlmagic, but paint #blackgirlmagic.    

5) Harmonica Rosales

Her work challenges us to view the world differently. Glancing through her social media you will see that her pieces are traditional with a bold contemporary message. For example, the beautiful re-imagining of Michelangelo’s “Creation of Adam” showing God as a Black Woman.


4) Mickalene Thomas

Glitz, glamor and the 70’s came to mind when I first saw Thomas’ work. She uses mixed media such as rhinestones and acrylic to create beautiful and empowering images of black women’s bodies. Across the board her work represents a  “complex vision of what it means to be a woman and expands common definitions of beauty.”

Source: Rice Magazine

3) Lina Viktor

Her stunning works of art will mesmerize you with her trademark 24 carat gold texture. Her work is futuristic yet ancient and most of all shows black women as sensual Goddesses.

Source: Lina Viktor Instagram

2) Dawn Okoro

Some of Dawn’s subject seemingly leap from the canvas. Her work is very expressive and filled with movement and shows black women as powerful and vibrant.

Source: Dawn Okoro Instagram

1) Stina Aleah

Her recent solo exhibition Semblance was mostly a collection of women. Her work innovatively breaks the black woman free from societal constraints and inspires us to experience a world beyond boundaries. Stina’s exhibition is currently on display until March 31st at Magic City Innovation District 6301 NE 4th Ave, Miami Fl. Email to schedule a viewing.

Semblance Collection



Written by: Natasha Wright