The world is waking up to the power of creativity and how that can transform industries, cities and the economy.  There are many organizations that are now committed to utilizing their resources to create a thriving creative economy here in South Florida and around the country. However, a prevailing adage still persist about “the starving artist”. This phrase supposes that artist can’t be true to their creativity and be profitable at the same time.

It’s time for us to shift the perspective of the starving artist to the thriving artist. The digital age has opened up the space for artist to thrive and MUCE is one of those companies that is conscious about creating a space for artists to profit from their talent.  Yes, the struggle will be real and patience is definitely a virtue when building any business, but having multiple streams of revenue could make the ride a little smoother.

Here are  5 ways that you can monetize your creativity as a visual artist:

1)      Utilize Online Marketplaces – Sites like Etsy can provide an additional source of revenue outside of your website. With an online marketplace  filled with consumers who want unique products – these platforms make you are keyword away from making a sale.

2)      Teaching – Sip + Paint are all the rave these days as a fun and creative way to celebrate. Offering a mobile service will cut down on overhead costs and provide a  convenient service for your customer. You’ve spent years refining your skills, so why not profit from your knowledge?

3)      Sell Prints –  You can print and sell directly or partner with a print on demand company such as Society6 or Zazzle. These companies offer a set it and forget it model. You can upload images to be printed on anything from cell phone covers to leggings and best of all you will  receive a commission and retain royalty rights.

4)      Commissioned work – This is a great opportunity to capitalize on the millennial base of consumers who want personalized items. In addition to offering these services on your website, you can submit to various challenges through a  site like Minted where if selected as a winner, your artwork can be sold through companies such as West Elm or other corporate retail stores.  

5)      Submit your work – Submitting your work to be included in Art Fairs, Art Shows or galleries is a great way to gain visibility and get in front of a new base of potential buyers. MUCE is always looking for talented artists to showcase at our pop- up galleries throughout the state. There is also a current call for artists to submit to the Now or Neverland Art Fair during Art Basel in December. You can inquire about submitting by sending us an email at

We hope you found these tips helpful, please share in the comments below how you sell your artwork.