Ever heard of The Pineapple Diaries; what about Subway: The Series? If you have no idea what I’m talking about, then keep reading. I’m about to educate you on some of my favorite web series currently on YouTube.

The Pineapple Diaries, Subway: The Series, Side Chick, Hello Cupid, and All About The McKenzies are captivating shows that have gained thousands of viewers by their non-traditional creative storylines.  I pride myself on watching films and series that are outside of the box. I guarantee watching one episode will immediately get you hooked and possibly start following social media for spoilers. Ok, #TMI. Hey don’t blame me if you can’t stop watching episodes after the next. It’s addictive. I’ve warned you.

The Pineapple Diaries

If you love Sex In The City, you’ll love The Pineapple Diaries. This series is full of Latin flavor; a comedic, quirky and refreshing story about three Latina best friends living in a predominantly Dominican neighborhood in Boston dealing with self-discovery of everyday life.

Subway: The Series
*2016 SOFLOWEBFEST Best Comedy Series*

One of my faves Subway: The Series brings back to the days I prayed to commute by car and not by train—which now I kinda miss the train. If you ever worked or lived in NYC, you know the drama that happens on the subway trains. Subway: The Series showcase characters and stories you definitely don’t see on TV. It’s a totally twilight zone of comical events.   

All About The McKenzies

The British/West Indian remix version of Good Times with a twist; this show will have you falling off your couch with the McKenzies drama.  The story centers around the main character Samuell’s McKenzie, a young father with dreams of being a Hollywood star. The problem is Samuell Hollywood dreams are far reached being a father and living home with a huge complicated family. 

Side Chick and Hello Cupid

Side Chick and Hello Cupid are like my web chick flicks that have become rerun status on YouTube. It’s my go to series I can’t stop watching. You will fall in love with the characters as well be entertained by the realness of the storylines. 

Written by: Sudi Elliott, Soflowebfest Ambassador & lover of Web series and all things indie