Curator Carla Jamieson’s Road to “Hang Your Bra”

mecropWomen face many obstacles for simply being a woman. When you add in other constructs such as beauty, socioeconomic status, education, health, race, culture, etc., those obstacles add up. One biological organ is the basis for many obstacles women face: breast. For a woman, breast can lead to issues such as sexual objectification, breast cancer, shame for public lactation…the list goes on. Issues like this inspired the curator of the Hang Your Bra for the Cause Art Exhibition, Carla Jamieson, to dedicate her art, time, and purpose to bring awareness to the fight, oppression and the ills women face for simply having breasts. This unique way to bring awareness to breast cancer and objectification led to more inquiries as to how Jamieson came up with Hang Your Bra. Jamieson has a sit down with MUCE and opens up about her reasoning for curating Hang Your Bra and what she hopes to accomplish.

MUCE: What was your purpose for curating the Hang Your Bra Art Exhibition?

Carla: My purpose for creating the Hang Your Bra Exhibit was to convey a message of equal rights for women and to shed light on the lives of those who have survived and have passed from Breast Cancer.

You talk about the various issues women face for having breast besides breast cancer. May you elaborate?

Things like public lactation, sexual objectification, and self-deprecation resulting from surgical procedures, are just some of the obstacles we face.

How did you come up with the idea to curate an exhibition of this nature?

As a young artist, I didn’t understand the power of art and how it could inspire, educate, motivate, and evoke strong emotions from its admirers. At first, I was creating art for the sake of creating art. I did not yet realize that I, too, had an artistic voice as a visual artist. I then decided to become a feminist artist. I make it my life’s purpose to tell a woman’s story- my story- through art.


Why did you choose October to debut the ‘Hang Your Bra Art Exhibition’?

Integrating with Breast Cancer Awareness month, I found October an ideal time to present the Hang Your Bra Art Exhibition. I figured what better time to discuss the many social issues women face for having breast. For simply having breasts, women face varying degrees of subjugation.

What do you hope to accomplish with Hang Your Bra?

Liberation. The Hang Your Bra Exhibition is a defiant act against women’s oppression. It symbolizes women’s power and growth. Hang Your Bra is an exhibition that will help to bring liberation to women by demanding equality in society. Liberation for women to be free from sexist subjugation. Liberation from what their bras holds.

Have you learned or experienced anything new since beginning to curate Hang Your Bra?

During my journey to create Hang Your Bra, I learned an abundance of surprising information related to women’s health. My journey has also given me the opportunity to convene with other artists who share my vision. The Hang Your Bra Exhibit makes me feel that I am on the right track with merging art and culture with my community and my overall purpose as a visual artist.



Hang Your Bra for the Cause Art Exhibition, curated by Carla Jamieson

When: October 5, 2016

Exhibition Times: 3pm-9pm

Ceremony: 7pm

Where: Little Haiti Cultural Complex located at 212 Northeast 59th Terrace, Miami, FL

Admission: Free

RSVPHang Your Bra

Follow the Hang Your Bra Art Exhibition Facebook page for more details and updates.



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Written by: LaTrisha Rowe, Project Coordinator |