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Fall is the perfect time to begin researching and compiling a list of grants and fellowships. The key is to look in the right places and write heart-felt compelling applications. Once you win an award, you could find yourself working with some of the best professionals in the arts and cultures field, creating the best are you ever created and feeling yourself thriving more than ever before. Soaring. It is time to go out and find yourself some grant and/or fellowships.

Although most fine arts grants are given to small businesses and non-profit organizations, there are some foundations who recognize that individual artists can be a force of nature by his or herself. These artists need funding, too. This blog is dedicated to helping artists funding their passions; aiding in helping these artists pushing the culture forward with their unique art. There are still those invested in the fine arts who are willing to help. You just have to look.  Also, some of these foundations do not limit their aid to financial support. Some foundations even offer fellowships. They assist in mentoring, workshops, and networking. Fellowships can help you flourish as an artists. With mentoring from those who provide fellowships, while you still get to be an individual artists, you will be helped to hone your craft. The workshops you enter will focus you on how to exhibit your art, market your art, and present your art. All very important elements in becoming a successful artists. Hopefully, this is a great start to help any starving artist out there looking for help and support.

Harpo Foundation

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The Harpo Foundation  is one of the most known foundations for contributing to the fine arts movement and assisting individual artists. The Harpo Foundation was created a decade ago to support artists who are not receiving adequate recognition for their art. Much like MUCE, the Harpo Foundation looks to stimulate art and creativity while giving support to those whose voices go unrecognized in art.

Pollock Kranser Foundation

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Pollock Kranser Foundation 

The Pollock Kranser Foundation is a special one. Kranser Foundation specifically looks at aid individual working artists. The Pollock Kranser Foundation provides grants specifically for international artists who have “recognizable artistic merit and demonstrable financial need,” according to the grant guidelines on their website. In addition to grants, the foundation also provides also hands out awards based on the same criteria of the grants, but it is by nomination only.

Creative Capital

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Creative Capital is a non-profit that provides grants and other services to applicants disciplined in not only visual arts, but performing arts, film and video, etc. Creative Capital is focused on maintaining the arts. The foundation does this through providing funding to artists’ projects in specific benchmark moments in the process of the project even after the project is completed. The various significant benchmark moments in the process include initial funding, support funding, follow-up funding, all the way up until presentation of the finished product funding. This sort of funding is extremely crucial and shows how much Creative Capital truly understands all phases of an artistic creation.

Aaron Siskind Foundation

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The Aaron Siskind Foundation was created in honor of the legendary photographer. The Aaron Siskind provides grants to emerging photographers. While the visual art must be of a still image, but it can be “digital imagery, installations, documentary projects and photo-generated print media.” The artist can be emerging or established. The foundation is looking for the artist who contributes to the art.


Other resources to look at for grants and fellowships:

  1. National Endownment for the Arts
  2. Women Arts
  3. Art Heals
  4. Foundation for Contemporary Artists
  5. Grant Makers in the Arts
  6. The Artist’s Guide to Grant Writing by Gigi Rosenberg
  7. Art-Write: The Writing Guide for Visual Artists by Vicki Amorose

Written By: LaTrisha Rowe