MUCE Resident Artist Cara Jamieson kicked off her curatorial debut with a heartfelt ovation to women fighting breast cancer. Presented by The Miami Urban Contemporary Experience (MUCE), Carla curated the Hang Your Bra For The Cause: Breast Cancer Awareness Exhibition. For a woman, breast can lead to issues such as sexual objectification, breast cancer, shame for public lactation…the list goes on. Issues like this inspired the curator of the Hang Your Bra for the Cause Art Exhibition, Carla Jamieson, to dedicate her art, time, and purpose to bring awareness to the fight, oppression and the ills women face for simply having breasts. This unique way to bring awareness to breast cancer and objectification led to more inquiries as to how Jamieson came up with Hang Your Bra.

 Using the work of visual artists, designers, musicians, dancers and other talents the exhibition celebrated women’s right brought awareness to women’s social triumphs and discussed the challenges woman face associated with having breasts.  Read below as we recap the art, music and guests of Hang Your Bra.




With a very obvious theme, MUCE Resident Artists Carla Jamieson, Anthony Lumpkin and Alfrena Moosa teamed up with visual artists Nik Rye, Victoria Miessler and designer Le’Adonis of Only L Boutique to cultivate a gallery of conversation starting masterpieces. The exhibiting artists really opened; including self portraits and testimonies calling attention to the over sexualization of our youth and unnatural body standards while managing to embrace women of all ages and body types.

Resident Artist, Carla Jamieson’s work included abstract paintings of seemingly unclothed women of all shapes and sizes. The reoccurring theme of crowns and scarred breasts found throughout her exhibited work, aims to highlight the royalty and strength found in all women.  “My purpose for creating the Hang Your Bra Exhibit was to convey a message of equal rights for women and to shed light on the lives of those who have survived and have passed from Breast Cancer.”


Visual artist Victoria, implemented a “go big or go home” theme for all of her work. Using acrylic paint on canvas) her work reflected upon the beauty of different sizes, shapes and color of breasts. Heavily detailed, and slightly controversial, Victoria’s work includes an aerial view group image of women cupping their breasts together in a circle and another of a woman lifting her breast towards her mouth. While chatting with Vicki, I found that a number of the exhibited pieces are self-portraits! Who knew? Check out some of Vicki’s work here.



Visual Artist Miki’s piece was a big topic of conversation. The self-portrait featured a young girl, possibly undressed, green lizards hanging from ear, a large amount of blood near her abdomen and a “vagina” leading to another galaxy. This one of those pieces where everyone sees something different. (The best type if you ask me) I associated the red blood and her age like innocence with sexual abuse, others saw it as a pre-teen coming to age with her first menstrual cycle, some saw the over-sexualization of young girls as a whole, and yet other’s associated it with a hysterectomy. Either way, it made for good conversation.



Jewelry Designer, Le’Adonis of Only L Boutique featured an exclusive  wired bra as his contribution to the Hang Your Bra:Breast Cancer Awareness Exhibition. In typical Only L Boutique fashion, Le’Adonis took the wired bra to the next level with a wrap around necklace and hanging faux red ruby. Le’Adonis completed the look with a customized jean ensemble, matching old school boom box and over the ear headphones. Entitled “Music Heals All” the full body manikin was a hit, and was included in several photo opps. Check out more of his customized pieces here.


Spread Love Gang lit the stage up with a passionate performance. Playing live instruments their 4 song performance included Raggeton, Rap, and R&B music. It was energy filled performance encouraging love, peace and prosperity for all. Check them out on Instagram.

Local rapper, Jada, joined in the festivities with a tear jerking performance. Dedicated to a friend lost to breast cancer, she performed an R&B and Rap ballot that brought the crowd to their feet. From the prospective of a cancer patient it covers the struggles patients face related to their self image, concerns regarding their children and loved ones, medical expenses and more.

Kamaria Dance Group, wrapped up performances with an African drum dance tribute to those who were unable to win the fight against breast cancer.

The Hang Your Bra For The Cause Wall, featured donated bras from women of all sizes. Guests were able to bring a decorated bra, decorate one onsite or leave a tag with a message to show their support.


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Written By: Lisa Nellicliff

Program Coordinator