What’s the buzz about immersive content and filmmaking?  Most people have no idea what’s the meaning of immersive content. In some ways, you’ve been in contact with “immersive content” through some form of media/entertainment and didn’t realize it.  

Immersive content consist of digital technology or images designed to actively engage and creatively altered mental state of a viewer.  In other words, it’s the virtual reality (VR) experience through video games, videos, commercial ads, amusement park rides and of course movies that requires the viewer to engage in this process.

The film world is no stranger to the concept; the 90’s proved audiences were almost onboard with the (VR) experience with such movie like “The Lawnmover Man”, however the hype didn’t last due to the massive equipment used to view the movie and the over the top Hollywood budget. Plus the explosion of the internet didn’t help move forward the revolution of virtual reality in cinema. Over a decade later, the industry finds themselves revisiting the virtual reality experience to somehow excite  movie-goers again.

The Lawnmower Man Movie

Immersive content or Virtual Reality (VR) experience is a game changer for the film world.  The potential of remixing the concept of traditional storytelling and incorporating the participation of viewers is an amazing experience. Some optimist film makers have called immersive content as the “rebirth” of cinema experience, therefore directing film festivals such as Cannes and Tribeca to heavily promote VR as a way to educate customers about what immersive content can do for the industry.

The so-called new age of storytelling isn’t accepted by all in the film world.  Some believe traditional storytelling may be difficult to translate in VR world. The argument remains one the major factors in the progression toward new age of storytelling. Within the last couple of years, the Virtual Reality world has shown tremendous amount of development; making it ideal for film makers mainly in the immersive content genre to change the way we view cinema.  Companies like Jaunt, the makers of a multi-lens camera that shoots in 3D are noticing the VR trend and have shifted marketing initiatives to push filmmaking into the virtual reality age world.

As the interest increases about immersive content within film making, the need for multimedia production houses that specialize in VR world will be the essential part of film process. New Discovery Media (NDM), Miami’s #1 multimedia studio, is recognized for its edgy and engaging immersive and interactive experience and are this year’s South Florida Web Fest presenters, HOW-TO-360: A Guide for Immersive Content Creators. NDM will be demonstrating the immersive content process, from pre to post productions. Be sure to check out New Discovery Media on Saturday, December 9th and get involved in the immersive movement of filmmaking.

New Discovery Media

Written by Sudi Elliott, Soflowebfest Ambassador & lover of Web series and all things indie