We are living in a time when visual artist are being called to innovatively transform spaces where we live, work and play. The infusion of art in progressive and up and coming neighborhoods is proof that we are living in a new age. The growing acceptance of graffiti on the places of businesses in neighborhoods such as Wynwood and Little Haiti, can be accredited to Hip Hop and one of the elements of its foundations.  As ambassadors of art in heritage neighborhoods MUCE pays tribute to Hip Hop and its cultural contribution to our contemporary society during Art Basel weekend, with  Now or Neverland: Ode to Hip Hop, December 6th -10th at the Little Haiti Cultural Complex. Curator, Bart Mervil, has brought together a phenomenal group of artist to honor Hip Hop’s global influence.


Meet the presenting artists at #odetohiphop:  


Meet the Artists

Jason Tetlak– The overarching theme of Jason’s work is the interaction they have with the viewer. He uses anamorphic perspective, augmented reality, or 3D glasses to create a user experience absent in most art.


 Greg Beebe-is a self-taught artist who found his true calling in the art world by creating spontaneous and thought provoking abstract works of art, sometimes leaving the personal message for the viewer to discover.


Erica Appleby– is a women’s wear designer and artist who grabs her inspiration from professional women, nature and culture. Over the years her she developed a love for the unseen in people and explore texture through stroke, as well as other mediums.


 Shari Afflick– is a self taught artist art created from wood burning with sunlight. Her African ancestry, nature, sacred geometry, and her meditations are sources of inspiration and recurrent themes in her work.


 Brenda Presil– is a Miami based painter who began her career with a Hip Hop series. The paintings are based on the Hip Hop musical artists’ record that expressed their obstacles, childhood and social issues.


 Matthew Flash– is a Jamaican born artist who aspires to uplift the emotion/spirit of his audience with works that are rich in culture and inspired by the feminine energies.



 Jacqueline Poirier– brings her art to life by painting on porcelain and ceramics. Her work has been featured on national television and throughout numerous notable publications across North America, the UK, Australia, Africa, and Malaysia.

 Spence Townsend– is currently the Director of Painting, Drawing, and 2-D Media at the Armory Art Center. He has been involved with an art therapy program for human trafficking victims, and taught second grade art classes at Urban Youth Impact.


 Joanah Whitely– uses graphite on paper, acrylic on canvas, or random findings plastered to cardboard to epitomize peoples’ facial expressions and body language to create art.



 Erik Holden– specializes in painting and screen printing. He uses mediums such as oil, acrylic, gouache and watercolor paintings to create “conversation paintings.”


Other featured artist include:  Glisabeth Becerra, Todd Galen, Anthony Lumpkin, Zeek Mathias, Terrance Vanor, Amir Youssef, and Pascal Pierre-Louis.

The gallery is open for public viewing Thursday – Sunday: December 7th -9th from 10AM – 8PM, click the link for registration details. All Artwork and merchandise is for sale. Support the Arts!

“A great artist is one who reaches into the invisible realm of creativity and emerges with a gift that has the ability to transport us thoughtfully and emotionally into another dimension. A dimension where we have a visceral connection with a deeper part of ourselves that is often left untouched.” – Natasha Wright


Written by: Natasha Wright- Festival Admin.