Canes After DarkThe Miami Urban Contemporary Experience (MUCE) presented their “Pop Up & Play” signature pop up art galleria at the prominent South Florida university University of Miami, Friday, August 26th. This MUCEtastic event marked MUCE’s first exhibition on a University campus. The University of Miami was having it’s annual “Canes after Dark” welcome back bash for its new students and returning students. This year’s theme for the Canes was a Wynwood art crawl and the university requested MUCE as their art component for the event. MUCE provided it’s iconic pallet pop-up exhibit that was the highlight of the event.


There was an abundance of art gracing the walls of the pallets from MUCE artists such as Joe Wesley, Frank Christopher, MOAL, Todd, Dobo, Adriana Alonso, and  Rodney Jackson were some of the artists featured. The crowd fell in love with the amazing dynamic art that these artists provided in the galleria. Many of the students doubled back, some even tripled back, to the galleria to view the art and let it marinate with them. Only great art has that affect and MUCE does collaborate with some great artists!


Live painting was also in action to bring a cool flare and interaction to the gallery. There were three live painters Carla Jameison (pictured above), Frank Christopher and Alfrena Moosa who gathered crowds of students and faculty within minutes with the stroke of their brushes. These vibrant live paintings that the crowd in awe. It was truly a nice touch to an already great event.


Noticeably, MUCE is able to pop up at any event to enhance the energy, the space, and feel of any event. We can truly transform any space. Isn’t that the purpose of the various forms of art, anyway? To enhance the human condition?  If interested in having your next event POP, do not hesitate to reach out to MUCE at Or if you are just interested in all of our great events, visit the MUCE website to sign up for our newsletter and follow us on social media.

Written By: Shannon Wright, Public Relations and Social Media Coordinator |