Image result for now or neverlandThe Miami Urban Contemporary Experience (MUCE), in partnership with Chef Creole, is presenting its annual monumental pop-up art galleria during Miami’s Art Basel- Now or Neverland. The theme for this year’s Now or Neverland is Urban Uproar. A contrasting collective of urban stories from around the world. Creating one voice that that can only exist harmoniously in Now or Neverland….

Now or Neverland is leading the way for urban voices and making the exhibition accessible to local, national, and international talent that wants to be a part of the most epic art show in the world. MUCE, while based in Miami, has had its Now or Neverland exhibition opened to artists for varying demographics.

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If you are a visual artist, it is essential that you submit to be a part of the Now or Neverland art exhibition. Now or Neverland is one of the most diverse art exhibitions that one could find ANYWHERE in the world. MUCE’s Now or Neverland art exhibition is diverse in every way imaginable. MUCE has curated art from artists of different socioeconomic, racial, and geographical backgrounds. We include artists from all over the world; for example, in previous art exhibitions, we have had art exhibited from artists who were the Caribbean, Australia, and Africa. While MUCE’s theme for this year’s upcoming art exhibition is Urban Uproar, we are not limiting our definition to an American perspective. From an American point of view, urban is relating to a city, usually a major metropolitan area, but also it can mean just a city in general. Not so suburban, though.  However, MUCE’s definition means urban from a global perspective; see, inclusivity is one of our main goals in helping to integrate the world of fine arts. MUCE wants those urban tales, told through, from all over the globe. We want to see those stories from people in Australia. We want to see the trials from a girl living in the UK. We want to experience, through art, the world a young adult male who lives in West Africa. MUCE wants to give those voices a microphone. Visual artists should submit to Now or NEVERLAND because we give equal opportunity to all artists. We make it our mission to help all our artists be exhibition ready through our MUCE Ambassadors program. Artists should submit to Now or NEVERLAND because MUCE is about the ART. We are pro-art and pro-artists. We want to see the best version of fine arts displayed. Submitting to Now or Neverland means you working with a company that has principals and ethics that support YOU, not exploit you!

Now, the submission fee is a point of contention for many aspiring artists. While the trite of the starving artist describes the state of many artist’s situation, submission fees are extremely competitive. Many galleries, curators, and other forms of exhibition spaces charge more than double of MUCE’s $75 submission. It is not a ploy to rip off the artists. Curators face many expenses such as insurance, displays, rent, etc. The costs of these things add up. MUCE is giving you a large platform at a competitive fee. Art Basel is one of the largest art events in the WORLD. People come from all over to visit Miami during Art Basel. Celebrities, power players, artists, and every day people alike. You will be hard pressed to find a better option to exhibit your aret. MUCE sets up its mega art exhibition near the iconic Wynwood neighborhood, which gives your art one of the best spaces to be viewed by hundreds of THOUSANDS of people. Miami’s art exhibitions has been cited as having one of the highest attendances for art fairs in the WORLD. infographic_1_week_3_final2-01

Miami is becoming one of the biggest art hubs in the world. In regards to the Miami area, Little Haiti, where the MUCE art exhibition will be located, every week it is becoming more recognized as an arts hub.With the growing art covering Little Haiti’s streets, the neighborhood’s prominence is growing continuously. This is an opportunity you want to be a part of. These areas are so essential to the Miami and its culture that the various municipalities of Miami-Dade County found it necessary to add it to the Miami Big Bus tour which makes stops at all the most culturally important areas that influences Miami’s culture. 

If you are an artist or know an artist, it is strongly encouraged that you submit to Now or Neverland: Urban Uproar. This is an experience you DO NOT want to miss. Now or Neverland will be hosted as a satellite exhibition, so even if you cannot make it, you can still send your art work to be exhibited. All artists must submit through It is free to set up your profile. Once your profile is set up and you are logged in, click “apply for calls,” then, search “Urban Uproar.” As previously stated, the fee for submissions is $75 and the entry deadline is September 16th, 2016. The max number of applications each applicant can submit is 2. This is not an opportunity you want to miss.

Other perks to exhibiting with MUCE include, but not limited to, being featured in our official in-color catalog of the exhibit, will be highlighted with the Greater Miami Convention Visitors Bureau (GMCVB), being an official stop on the Art Basel Bus tours sponsored by the City of Miami, plus many more! Also, we include a merchandising space for each artist exhibiting with us. So you can exhibit and sale your art, whether its the originals or prints.By exhibiting with MUCE, you will have the experience of a lifetime. DON’T MISS OUT!

So, submit NOW or  be stuck in NEVERLAND… Art Basel is coming. Join NOW! You do not want to miss out.

Written By: LaTrisha Rowe, Research and Development Coordinator |

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