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Rolling out our MUCE Resident Artist Program (MRA), we are highlighting some of MUCE’s tenured artists this entire month. To highlight our artists, MUCE has rolled out the red carpet and brought out the film equipment to interview our resident artists. You can look forward to hearing about our artists’ personal testimonies on being a MUCE Resident Artist and their journey as a visual artist. We learned the stories behind some of their most popular pieces as we dabbled into the life of some of Miami’s brightest visual artists.This week Frank Christopher, Carla Jamieson and Joe Wesley came through for an on camera chat.

Frank C1
MUCE Resident Artist Frank Christopher on set for his first MRA highlight

North Miami local, Frank Christopher, has participated at a number of MUCE exhibitions as both an exhibitor and live painter. His most recent project, “Chico Black,” is a two part series based on a Miami local. “Chico Black” was featured during our three part MUCE Summer Series 2016 which turned out to garner a lot of attention and interest by the various crowds. Recently, Christopher has been featured as a live acrylic painter during a MUCE Pop Up & Play at the University Of Miami’s Canes After Dark. Once again, Christopher captivated the audience with his unique art and jazzy personality. You can check him out on Instagram @FleaMarketFranks.

MRA – Carla on set for her MRA Highlight viedoshoot

Visual Artist, Carla Jamieson, was also recently featured as a live painter at a MUCE Pop Up & Play. Jamieson’s brings turnt personality and eclectric style to the MUCE family. She uses her love for acrylic paint and a canvas to create life. She is currently curating the Hang Your Bra exhibition featured at the Little Haiti Cultural Arts Center from October 5th – 31st. The exhibition will include the testimony of Breast Cancer Survivors and serve to bring social awareness to the increasing number of breast cancer survivors and fighters. You can RSVP for Carla’s “Hang Your Bra” Exhibition by clicking here.

MRA Joe Wesely on set for his MRA highlight videoshoot

Last, but not least, is Joe Wesley. Wesley, embarking on his photography journey almost 15 years ago, came to discuss his most recent project “Black Bodies”. The project consists of 5 nude photographs of a black male and a black female in an effort to showcase the beauty and strength of the black body – without sexualization, objectification, or emasculation. The project was featured during the MUCE Summer Series, Iron Fork Miami, and a recent MUCE Pop Up & Play. Joe has worked with Dwayne Wade, Rick Ross and plenty more! Click here to check out more of his work.

Next Week | Check out the video interviews of some of your favorite MUCE artists! Learn more about the artists and the stories behind some of their favorite pieces!

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Written By:

Lisa Nellicliff

MRA Coordinator