Adventures in Urban Surrealism
Art Basel | December 3-6




We invite you to join us in Now or Neverland; a curated

journey through Art, Live Music, and Digital Technology.


Gallery Schedule:

Thursday – Saturday: 3pm – 10pm

Sunday: 10am – 1pm


Installations include:

The PALLET POP-UP: a guided journey through traditional and surreal art for contemporary artist spanning the globe.

LIVE NOW OR NEVER LIVE: where live painting and performance art intersects. Each day provides a unique schedule of live painters, graffiti artist and musicians that attendees can swing by to see in action.

DE-PICT: a light box driven photo exhibit showcasing artistic, journalistic, beauty, motion, and panoramic images from our featured artists


THE PROJECTS: Which combines video technology with installation art. Hanging out in the projects, attendees are given a 3 dimensional trip into urban communities around the world through the eyes of our creatives.