Image result for hispanic heritage monthAs we all know, Miami is a melting pot of various Caribbean and Hispanic cultures among the other other ethnicities and cultures present here. So, you know, down here in Miami, we celebrate EVERYTHING. And I do mean everything. From Calle Ocho to Cinco de Mayo to Carnival, Miami does it big. We all go hard for every holiday. This celebratory spirit and inclusive nature is a fine example of our mission is here at MUCE. That’s why when Hispanic Heritage Month rolls around here, we really celebrate. However, we don’t just celebrate with your run of the mill book report, we do pot-lucks, presentations, and parties. My favorite part was always the pot-lucks. I love food. Every one loves food. Great food transcends culture, ethnicity, and race. Seldom things brings folks together like comfort food that fills the tummy. Have I mentioned the food aspects are always my favorite? Anywho, in recognition of Hispanic Heritage Month (and my love of good authentic ethnic food), MUCE is presenting to you a few of Miami’s Hispanic restaurants primarily located in Miami’s Heritage neighborhoods. All of which presides #OnTheOtherSideOfTheBridge.

El Exquisito Restaurant

Exquisito Restaurant

Located in one of Miami’s historic heritage neighborhood, Little Havana, El Exquisito is a Cuban family owned restaurant. This 75-seater restaurant is filled with affordable cuisine with various options sure to please any one. Exquisito is so official in Miami that even Miami New Times raved about it by selecting the eatery as its best Cuban restaurant in 2015. Aside from the usual staple cuisines such as vaca frita (shredded beef), rice and plantains, El Exquisito offers some unique dishes such as Italian style liver and Delmonico steak. El Exquisito’s food is fresh, good, and authentic. Exquisito is the neighborhood eatery that all the locals rave about.

El Palacio de los Jugos

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El Palacio de los Jugos literally translates to “The Juice Palace.” Seriously. That alone had me intrigued in this open air spot. El Palacio de los Jugo feature three main areas: a hot food area, a sandwich counter and a juice bar (my favorite spot). The large hot food bar includes DELICIOUS Cuban food that you can order for an individual meal or you can buy it by the pound.  Word around town is that El Palaci de los Jugos most popular dishes are lechón asado (roast park), Pescado de aguja (fish), and pollo asado (grilled chicken). Pair these dishes up with some yellow rice and/or boniato (yams) and you have a guaranteed party in your mouth. You can take a peek at the menu here. El Palacio de los Jugos is so awesome that they were even raved about in Miami New Times, which has it fingers on the pulse of all of Miami’s hot spots; they have been described as having “Food Fit for a King.” But do not worry, Jugos is a spot for any and everybody.

Club Tipico Dominicano

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Club Tipico Dominicano is located in the heart of Miami’s Allapattah neighborhood. This spot is as authentic as Domincan spots come. Tipico Dominicano is a extremely unique place. The requirement to get into Tipico Dominicano on Sundays is to be born. Yes, you read that right. Everyone from infants to geriatrics is allowed in Tipico on Sundays. Basically, Sunday is family day. Tipico is a casual cheap spot where one can go to have some fun on the weekends or even during the week after work. Tipico sometimes features live music, but when the DJ is turning up the spot, he plays tunes from Merengue, bachata, salsa, reggeton, perico ripiao, etc. Either way, no matter day, you’ll have good time at Tipico Dominicano.

Seven Seas Restaurant & Fish Market

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Although it is in close proximity to the Design District, Seven Seas is all about FOOD.Seven Seas is a Little Haiti HIDDEN gem. Seven Seas has AUTHENTIC made Dominican food. Authentic delicious dominican food. Seven Seas is as authentic as it gets. It is a Dominican-family-owned-small business. Seven Seas its a great representation of what hidden gems in Miami’s heritage neighborhoods look like. Great food and great energy that is locally famous.

Written By: LaTrisha Rowe, Project Coordinator |