Now or Neverland: Ode to Hip Hop

Art Basel Weekend | December 6th – 10th

Chef Creole Performance Park | 200 NW 54th Street | Miami

MUCE seeks visual artists, performers & vendors to participate in the 3rd annual Now or Neverland Art Fair: Ode to Hip hop | Submission Deadline: September 3, 2017 | 11:59pm

South Florida Web Festival

Submission Deadline  September 1st 2017 | Festival  Dates December 6th -10th

South Florida WebFest (#SOFLOWEBFEST) is Miami’s premier festival dedicated to web entertainment that brings non-traditional voices of cinema to the forefront. #SOFLOWEBFEST aims to connect digital creators by providing a physical space for producers, directors, investors and fans of web series and digital entertainment to network, share, and learn the art of sustainability. We are excited to have fantastic partnerships with KWEBFEST (S. Korea), Roma Webfest (Italy, Europe), and LA WEBFEST (Los Angeles).

Screening 30 of the best local, national and international web series and 10 web shorts, #SOFLOWEBFEST highlights creators through our awards ceremony, live entertainment, digital art-crawl and educational panels on emerging trends in digital media and entertainment.

Somos Muchos : Hispanic Heritage

Somos Muchos: Out of one, we are many

SOMOS MUCHOS brings awareness to the beauty, challenges, achievements and aspirations of Hispanic culture in the US. Artist deconstruct themes of identity, migration, family heritage, and social constructs that shape the Latin Experience in the US & the west. | Submission Deadline: August 25 , 2017

Hang your Bra: Breast Cancer Awareness

The Hang Your Bra Exhibition celebrates women’s rights and brings awareness to societal triumphs and challenges women face for having breasts which include breast cancer survival and loss, acceptance and restriction of nursing in public, objectification of breast as sexual pleasure, restrictive garments that pronounce or hide a woman’s breast, and the desire and rejection of breast as an identifier of femininity.  | Submission Deadline: September 15, 2017