This week on the #TheOtherSideOfTheBridge, we are featuring another prominent Miami neighborhood- Coconut Grove! Coconut Grove is the oldest city in Miami Dade County. Around Miami, it is known as “The Grove.” Established in 1919, Coconut Grove is one the most attractive areas in Miami Dade. The Grove boosts several areas for shopping, restaurants, and plenty of other places to hang out with family and friends. The Grove has a vibrant ambiance which attracts the local youth, college students, and young professionals. The Grove is a guaranteed good time!


No town is complete without a mall. For the illustrious Coconut Grove, the reputable CocoWalk  is that. While the nearby Biscayne Bay breeze is blowing in over the Grove, CoCoWalk is a fun vibrant area to walk around. CocoWalk is in the center of the Grove; it is an upscale lifestyle area.  It is the Grove’s premiere destination for shopping, dining, and entertainment. CoCoWalk boosts high end retail and boutiques for its shopping; fine dining bistros and cafes for eating; last, but not least, great entertainment. CoCoWalk has a luxury movie theater that has small plate offerings and serves international wines and beers. That’s a great recipe to enhance any cinema experience. For more casual dining and drinking, there is always Duffy’s Sports Grill, Fat Tuesday’s and the Cheesecake Factory. You can’t tell me that any of those do not appeal to your taste buds. CoCoWalk is an essential part of any trip to Coconut Grove!

Mr. Moe’s

Mr.Moe’s is also a well-known spot in The Grove. Located at 3131 Commodore Plaza in Coconut Grove students from the University of Miami Campus frequents the spot every Thursday. While it is not a nightclub, Moe’s is a awesome place to get drinks and hang out with friends. With a great deal of students and young professionals from the surrounding area showing up every week, you are walking into a good time. I must warn you, the Moose Juice is NO JOKE. It is not for the weak and faint of heart. While very delicious, Moose Juice will sneak up on you and by that time it will be TOO late. Did I mention that Moose Juice is my favorite thing about Moe’s? Any who… Moe’s also has good food to accompany their various drinks. The Moose Juice combined with the Jerk Mahi Mahi leaves me a satisfied customer every time. With a full bar and multiple flat screens, it is no wonder ESPN listed it as one of the best sports bar in the COUNTRY!

Sandbar Grill

Sandbar Sports Grill in The Grove is another extremely popular spot. Located at 3064 Grand Ave, the Sandbar Grill functions as both a nightclub and a bar. Primarily a spot for college students, Sandbar is a beach themed casual atmosphere bar. Lets be honest, very few thing college students in Miami love than all things beachy. Sandbar has seen its way through some ups and downs, especially with the various name changes it has experienced over the past few years. However, that has not halted the sport grill’s attendance and popularity. Sandbar has a great atmosphere, bar games, and great food. Seriously, if you have never been, you HAVE to try the fish tacos. They’re my favorite.

LuLu in the Grove

luluHonestly, LuLu in the Grove is arguably the best all around restaurant in the Grove. At least in my honest humble opinion. LuLu is centrally located at 3105 Commodore Plaza in the Grove. You cannot miss it. The same way you cannot miss the great dining experience they have to offer you. LuLu uses fresh homegrown ingredients to cook your fresh food onsite.  LuLu really does provide its customers with the best of everything. You can click here to view the wide variety of options that LuLu offers to its customers. Lulu has a breakfast, lunch, dinner, and cocktail menu. LuLu also has a menu for beer, deserts, and wine. They have something for everyone. You cannot go wrong by dining at LuLu’s! Your LuLu experience is guaranteed to be fantastic. You can visit LuLu for a date, a family outing, or even just a good time out with friends.

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